Whilst this is a US based article by Melanie Lindner for Forbes.com, the same questions and considerations still apply, which is quite valuable really.

Interesting isn’t it how stuff always comes across your radar, in a most timely manner. I was keen to read this article as it’s a subject I am currently playing with, as I consider options in moving business and life forward. Not that I intend going down the full nanny route, the amount of prep and comfort level analysis will still apply, regardless of the form that the specific details will take.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day. While computers, cellphones and a host of other gadgets have made us all more productive, plenty of striving young couples are busier than ever. So who’s watching the kids?

There are now some 1.3 million Americans who identify themselves as childcare providers, in both facilities and in private homes. A recession might put a few nannies out of work as strapped couples tighten their purse strings, but that’s still a big number–about four nannies for every 100 families with at least one child, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau.

As with any important investment decision, nabbing a good nanny takes time, money and focus. Finding a good fit is critical–after all, look at what’s riding on the decision… to continue, click here

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