Well its that time of year again; no surprise I know but…
“where did the last year go” I hear you cry!
Join us at the the entrepreneurial mother community, and this is what would have landed in your inbox this week…

Time certainly seems to be moving a lot faster these days, but then that’s maybe because we try and jam too much in….

…So… lets use the “quiet” time over New Year to do a little navel gazing…

* like review what worked and didn’t work in 2007, and use that information to kick-start 2008
* like looking at your financial situation and really understanding it
* like sitting down undisturbed and letting your mind wander and dream about what would really make you happy…

yes you can do it and as my Christmas gift to you, I share a few useful tools that I use and that I know will assist you:

* So here is your very own copy of The Entrepreneurial Mother’s Guide to Working Out What You Want!… click here to download it.
If you’ve not gone through this already, I encourage you to spend some time over the New Year and do yourself a favour!

* Hoorah! A concise booklet about money management designed to help you!
It’s not aimed at providing all the answers you need – but to engage and kick start your appetite for financial control.

* Download the Money Survival Guide for Women by clicking here, and start working your way through it today… go on, I know you want to!!

* Grab the “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed” book (click here for details of the famous people that feature!!) as a gift for you and for the special people in your life.

* The recent article in The Age (Melb)/The SunHerald (Syd) featuring yours truly may also give you cause to chuckle if you’ve not seen it… click here

ho ho ho and have a wonderful and safe festive season.

I will be in touch again not too far into 2008

the entrepreneurial mother

ps we also wanted to share our little personal Christmas “gift” with you so click here. It makes us laugh each time we see it so we hope it does for you too.

pps The next weeks of entries will be “live crosses” from our African adventure… yes we are off in the safari truck as at today! Updates won’t be as frequent til the end of January 2008 (depending how technologically challenged I am), but updates there will be, from all parts of the African continent.
how exciting!! So feel free to visit and catch up on our antics!!!

stay safe…

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