Using your networks and experience to push forward on your next big idea may seem only natural to the second-time entrepreneur but just how hard is it?

You may have left the other business with a golden handshake. In some cases, it didn’t work out. Either way, you have to recharge and find the passion to do it all over again – tough call!

An Ernst & Young study of over 200 global leader enterprises identified six fundamentals for any business to succeed and these included managing risk; transactions and alliances; operational effectiveness; managing finance; customer recruitment and people recruitment and retention.

The nature of entrepreneurs is to be optimistic and that’s tied up with their business… read on

Do you know what being entrepreneurial means to you?
Are these the knowledge and skills you’re using to make Life! work?
If not, why not?
If so, maybe its time to enter a competition like the one Ernst & Young have on offer with this article… why not?

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