Leon Gettler from The Age Business again tells us the world of work is changing. Globalisation, technology and the blurring of lines between home and work are transforming the workplace. Well, for some.

A report from Britain’s Equal Opportunities Commission says we are now moving into the third generation of flexible work. The first generation was about time flexibility and the second about time flexibility combined with working from home.

According to the report, we are now seeing the third generation, where there is greater control and choice between employers and employees over how and where work is done.

Whilst much of the concepts noted in the report are not new, the structure around it might be useful. There are a number of us that have been running our own race for some time. Many Entrepreneurial Mothers do it already, and as a matter of course. There are many others aspiring to do so. The good thing about reports like these is that the more that different ‘work’ structures are discussed and out in the market place, the easier the conversation will be to have.

So that when its your turn to structure your work, there will be more models to choose from and to help demonstrate validation. What work structure do you want? What do you want your working life to look like?
Hard but necessary questions…

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