Hoorah! A concise booklet designed to help you!
It’s not aimed at providing all the answers you need – but to engage and kick start your appetite for financial control.

Thank you Citibank.

Today we are better educated, better paid and enjoy broader career opportunities than at any time in Australia’s history. It paves
the way for women to embrace the option of building their wealth and
lay firm foundations for financial independence.

But women also face unique challenges. We enjoy greater longevity (an average of 82 years compared with 77 years among men), so we need to work harder at building a retirement nest egg. And as we’ll see, taking time out of the workforce to meet family needs can make it challenging, though not impossible, to accumulate a decent
retirement pool.

If that wasn’t enough, the increasing trend towards a ‘single person’ culture, is another reminder of the need to plan for own financial well-being… independent of the male race.

The trouble is, it can be hard knowing where to start. With a mind boggling number of financial products and options to choose from, it is difficult – and at times confusing – to know what choices are right for us.

The good news is that sensible money management isn’t complex. Overcoming financial limbo and developing some financial know
how is something we can all do…

Download the Money Survival Guide for Women, and starting working your way through it today… go on, I know you want to, read on

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

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