From Mindwerx, the suppliers of the excellent material on mind mapping
A creativity exercise a day to keep the cobwebs away.
We don’t just go and run a marathon – we need a base level of fitness to reawaken our natural genius.

The Mindwerx team is taking the Brain Fit challenge by working through the 62 exercises in Edward de Bono’s new book “How to Have Creative Ideas”.

They thought they would share interesting bits from the book mingled with their own thoughts.

“Many people do some physical exercise every day. Some people go to the gym every day. I would suggest that you make a habit of doing at least one creative thinking exercise every day.

As with physical exercise, the important thing is to be disciplined about it.

Choose an exercise
Set a time Limit
Do the exercise.”
Here is a simple exercise.

Set your focus – “I want ideas on …?
Use a Random Word – CLOAK
Jot down any thoughts, ideas that pop into your mind when you connect the two.

i.e. Focus: a new idea for a new restaurant
… a highway robbery theme
… a Venetian theme with projected pictures of gondolas
… waiters and waitresses to be masked
… you can’t see the food you are eating (it is cloaked).
(like Restaurants in the dark )
… there are code words used when ordering the meal

Go on… do it!
Its actually quite good fun…

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