Design meet Business: “Business, this is… Design”

by Mark Dziersk for Fast Company

Business people need to develop a better understanding of design, form partnerships between themselves and creativity, and apply strategy to design thinking, in order to compete effectively today.

Let’s say you’re the typical business person who knows very little about design. Perhaps you equate Mike Meyer’s old SNL character on “Sprockets” with the typical designer. You know, dressed all in black, funny little glasses, all emotion no rational thought. Now, let’s say you’re being asked to integrate design into everything you do, and leverage it as a core strategy for every part of your competitive advantage.

What do you do?

The Gobbledygook Manifesto

By David Meerman Scott

David Scott, the author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, says it best in introducing his manifesto: “Oh jeez, not another flexible, scalable, groundbreaking, industry-standard, cutting-edge product from a market-leading, well positioned company! Ugh. I think I’m gonna puke!”

In every company description, on websites, in press releases, in corporate pamphlets, the same adjectives get used over and over until they are meaningless. Scott analyzed thousands of these offerings and presents a collection of the most over-used and under-meaningful phrases…and strategies for making the most of these communication opportunities.

Ah yes yes yes… doesn’t that sound familiar?
Thinking about your marketing materials? Read this first…

Making the Most of Your Time: Going Beyond To-Do Lists

By Rajesh Setty

The author of one of ChangeThis’ most popular manifesto, 25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself, Rajesh Setty returns with a new set of suggestions for optimizing your abilities.
He asserts that even though everyone is given only 24 hours in a day, the most successful people are those who make every minute count.

Here, he tells you how project management, understanding your abilities, investing in relationships and making a difference are just some of the ways you can make the most of your time.

A very good place to start…

Mind of the Innovator: Taming the Traps of Traditional Thinking


By Matthew E. May for Change This

Matthew May, author of Elegant Solutions: Breakthrough Thinking the Toyota Way and a popular ChangeThis manifesto on the subject, now brings our attention to the ‘Seven Sins of Solutions’, the traditional ways of thinking that prevent us from divining the most accurate—and elegant—of solutions to any problem solving situation.

Using accessible examples, you’ll find yourself saying “Yes! That happens to me!” as you read. Lucky for us, May also provides methods to avoid those deadly sins and train our brains to think differently, allowing our inner innovator to flourish.

An excellent place to start the “what do I want to do” process…
let me know what you think…

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