The Bootstrapper’s Bible – Seth Godin

The Bootstrapper’s Bible – Seth Godin


I think Entrepreneurial Mothers are quite a natural at bootstrapping… nevertheless its always worth looking at new ways of being able to do something with as minimal money as possible!

There are after all only two things you can invest and they are time and money… if you don’t have the money, that only leaves one!

Use it wisely by reading Seth Godin’s manifesto, The Bootstrapper’s Bible, its well worth. Let me know what you think?

Managing money and safe-sex practices for Girl Guides

In The Age Odd Spot this morning…
Managing money and safe-sex practices are among the main topics in which British Girl Guides aged 14 to 26 want more instruction, a Girlguiding UK survey of more than 1000 guides has found.

At least these topics are being addressed somewhere… but will they do anything about it?
and how do we get other influential youth groups to do same?… like schools, the scouts etc.?

Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs

Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs


Most people do it for the first time in college. Some in high school. But you? You have remained sheltered and untouched. Until now.
If you are an entrepreneur and haven’t done it already, I can guarantee that you will at some time in the very near future have to make a presentation. In fact, you will probably have to make lots of them to investors, prospects, at conferences, for the media. If you are an entrepreneur, you must sell two things, an idea and yourself. Both of these cannot be sold without doing it, without speaking in public with confidence, authority, poise and passion.

I know you’re nervous. It’s only natural your first time. Public speaking is still peoples’ number one fear and if you haven’t done it before, the adrenaline can be paralyzing. But there are some very simple guidelines you can follow to make sure your first time is memorable.

LeeAundra Temescu offers some great tips here for your First Time…

How To Set Your Consulting Fees…

How To Set Your Consulting Fees…


The $101 billion (sales) consulting market is jammed with boutique shops looking to peddle their wisdom. The big question is:
What is all that advice worth?
Or more important from an entrepreneur’s perspective, what are customers willing to pay?

These questions apply to any service industry.

How do you know what to charge? and how do you know what your clients will pay? Read on for more information…
If you are interested in finding a formula to use, drop me an email.

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