This month, highlight the (STILL) MADE HERE trend: the power of all products that have a sense of place, coveted by consumers for a variety of reasons: from environmental concerns to shifting perceptions of what constitutes status. Pretty broad, pretty observational. Let’s call it a conversation starter?

Two mega-trends of our time, the greening of consumption and the proliferation of alternative status symbols, hold the promise of vast new riches for real-world entrepreneurs, while wreaking havoc on those that lag behind. Which brings us to the (STILL) MADE HERE trend: the comeback of all things local, all things with a sense of place, and how they’re surfacing in a world dominated by globalization.

(STILL) MADE HERE” encompasses new and enduring manufacturers and purveyors of the local. In a world that is seemingly ruled by globalization, mass production and ‘cheapest of the cheapest’, a growing number of consumers are seeking out the local, and thereby the authentic, the storied, the eco-friendly and the obscure.”

In this briefing, we’ll focus on three big drivers behind this trend — social responsibility, status and support. There are more, but we’ll save those for a future update. Oh, and don’t worry, we’re not going to wax on for hours and hours about farmers’ markets 😉

Opportunities are in abundance… but can you see them?
Start looking, that’s all you need to do.
Just start…

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