Whilst I’m not a big sponge fan, I do have a high regard for the CWA (Country Womens Association). And the reason being, which is so well explained by Noela McLeod. “If someone comes to the table and you produce a cup of tea, they are going to stay. And if you give them something to eat, they will stay longer. The kitchen table is where all of the troubles are worked out. Neighbours’ disputes, financial problems, personal issues. And you know what? Men love a sponge cake, it’s not too sweet,” she explains with a warm smile.

“And if you bake them a sponge, the very fact that you have gone to your cupboard, taken flour out, given your time and your expertise to show someone that you care – the most basic act of human kindness is to show someone you care for them by baking for them. It is giving of yourself and your talent.”

Not a bad philosophy really is it!…

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